An irresistible collaboration with Karlie Kloss

Good Girl Collector Edition Dot Drama Eau de Parfum is the first Collector Edition exclusively designed by Carolina Herrera de Baez, creative director of perfumes, with Karlie Kloss, ambassador of the perfume since its release in 2016.

The year 2019 marks the third anniversary of the collaboration between the American model and Carolina Herrera Perfumes and to celebrate the occasion Carolina Herrera de Baez and Karlie Kloss have embarked on a creative and artistic project which is set to strengthen the relationship between the model and the brand.

Karlie Kloss started to work for Carolina Herrera in 2008 when she opened and closed one of her shows. Since then, Carolina Herrera and Carolina Herrera de Baez’s admiration for the entrepreneurial and committed top model has only grown. “We always knew she was the perfect embodiment of the Good Girl: elegant, stylish, beautiful, funny and with a naughty side. We soon discovered she was even more talented. Karlie is hard working, savvy, positive, curious, charismatic and committed. She is the ultimate modern muse!”, describes Herrera de Baez.

The second objective of the new Collector Edition is to build on Good Girl’s message by enhancing some traits of the multidimensional character. Dot Drama is synonymous of mystery and audacity.

To conjure these qualities, it was essential to dress up the archetypical stiletto in a surprising new way. “The shoe is highly expressive. The design had to emphasize its message by evoking powerful femininity. It had to build bridges between the past, the present and the future. It also had to connect Karlie to the origins of the brand”, comments Herrera de Baez.

In order to express these attributes with the new flacon (available in 80 ml.), Carolina Herrera de Baez and Karlie Kloss went through the rich archive of the brand. “It was an amazing and fulfilling experience: 2019 marks Carolina Herrera’s 38th anniversary. Its aesthetic and cultural legacy is so vast… Perusing the archives was a dream come true”, recalls Karlie Kloss.

They both agreed to embellish the bottle with Polka Dots: this print remains a benchmark of elegance. The white spots on a black background are classic and modern; sophisticated and irreverent; mysterious and eloquent. Polka Dots were also present in the first Carolina Herrera perfume: they embellished the fragrance that was launched in 1988. ”

For me, polka dots have always been a timeless fashion staple — they can be dressed up or down, and strike a balance between being classic and modern”, says Karlie Kloss.