Behind every good girl there is an audacious woman


Good Girl has captivated millions of people since its debut (2016) with its message of female empowerment. Each Collector Edition of this iconic perfume, which pays tribute to the multidimensional characterof women, explores several qualities of the charismatic muse.

The new Collector Edition Dot Drama weaves a powerful tale of mystery and ingenuity, two female attitudes that are part of the Carolina Herrera lifestyle since the origins of the brand (1981). “I agree with my mother; mystery is magical and evocative: a woman who is anopen book is boring”, summarizesCarolina Herrera de Baez, creative director of perfumes. The objective of the playful and naughty mystery so essential to the designer is to cheer up and to ignite our alegría de vivir (joy of living in Spanish).

In the new campaign, suspense is also conveyed through the style, gaze and gestures of Karlie Kloss. Her attitude and appearance are reminiscent of 1930s film noir timeless classicism. The American model, dressed in an irresistible Carolina Herrera white and black Polka Dot dress, deploys all her sexiness and charm. The famous and striking Polka Dot, pure irreverence and optimism, is part of Carolina Herrera’s aesthetic language. “It is difficult to define style. For me, it is not what you are wearing, but how you wear it. Style is the mark you leave on everything you do”.

This new Collector Edition pays homage to the seductive intelligence of divas like Lauren Bacall, Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich. “My mother has always admired the charisma of such powerful, feminine and multidimensional icons”, explainsHerrera de Baez. “Dot Drama expresses women’s ingenuity: in Carolina Herrera we have always believed in female intuition, it is an invincible weapon”.

All these traits are perfectly embodied by the symbolic and dramatic Polka Dot. This graphic motif is highly expressive: its elegant simplicity speaks about female empowerment, mystery and audacity. To create the new statement bottle, Carolina Herrera de Baez and Karlie Klossinvestigated the fabulous Carolina Herrera archives for months and tried different combinations. The final stilettois composed of three parts: the slender shoe is decorated with Polka Dots; the heel’s top is styled in black, and the high heel, in gold. “I love challenges: they make us evolve and grow up. That is why I love this Collector Edition somuch”, admits Herrera de Baez.

The formula, which combines the gourmand darkness of Haba Tonka and Cacao with the elegant brightness of Tuberose and Jasmin, encapsulates women’s duality and the mysterious power of a modernand indendent femme fatale.