Dot drama the new good girl collector edition


CAROLINA Herrera New York launches Good Girl Dot Drama Eau de Parfum, a new Collector Edition inspired by the emblematic Polka Dot pattern. The flacon has been exclusively designed in collaboration with Karlie Kloss

The new collector Good Girl Dot Drama Eau de Parfum invites us to embrace the most clever, intrepid, mysterious and irresistible side of Good Girl, the successful aromatic story that burst onto the perfume scene in 2016. The new edition is inspired by the irreverent Polka Dot pattern –the black and white spots, one of the earliest Carolina Herrera’s quintessential elements– and it has been signed by model Karlie Kloss, the image of the scent.

“Intelligence and naughtiness can make us powerful and feminine. These qualities are inspiring. Being a leader and feminine at the same time is possible; we can empower our life with feminine strengths. For me, it was essential to launch a special edition that would celebrate this duality in women”, explains Carolina Herrera de Baez, creative director of Fragrances.

The new flacon features Polka Dots, because which pattern can be more mischievous and versatile than these irreverent and iconic spots? Since its debut in 1981, Carolina Herrera has relied on the power of the fun, circular motif. The perfume history of the house has also been written with white and black spots. The Polka Dot was already present in the first fragrance, Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera (1988), an instant hit which continues to captivate millions of people around the globe. Since then, Carolina Herrera has employed the same archetypical element in many of her fragrances.

Polka Dots are playful, light-hearted and stunning, and they channel the confidence and sophistication of the Carolina Herrera lifestyle. As the designer likes to say, sometimes the simplest things are the most profound. “It was really special to work alongside the Carolina Herrera team and look back at the brand’s history when deciding on the creative for this campaign,” said Karlie Kloss, ambassador of the perfume. “Besides being a timeless fashion staple, polka dots have incredible significance for the Carolina Herrera brand, and evoke much of what this campaign is all about: glamour, femininity, optimism and confidence.” Another quality of the Polka Dots is the alegría de vivir (“joy of living” in Spanish): they express sophistication in an effortless and naughty way. “One of the greatest things about perfumes and fashion is that they can give us a boost of confidence. Polka Dots, as it happens with good scents, empower”, concludes Herrera de Baez.

The protagonist of the new edition is supermodel and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss, the famous face of Good Girl since its inception. “Karlie is the perfect embodiment of Good Girl Dot Drama: she is both clever and daring; intrepid and carefree. She also exudes an enigmatic aura; she has become the ultimate modern icon,” describes Herrera de Baez.

Her biography is proof of her many talents. Karlie Kloss (Chicago, 1992) founded Kode With Klossy in 2015, a coding organiszation that empowers girls to learn to code and become leaders in tech. This past summer, the organization taught almost 1000 girls in 50 camps in 25 cities how to code. Beyond modeling and coding, Karlie will also serve as host and executive producer of Bravo Media’s newly rebooted Emmy-award winning series, Project Runway.

The new campaign, in which Karlie Kloss plays an irresistible and skillful femme fatale, pays tribute to film noir’s golden age; the attitude, style and image of the model recall enigmatic divas, like Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth and Tippi Heddren, Alfred Hitchcock’s muse. As the Good Girl motto says, it’s good to be bad!

The bottle  embraces the polka dot craze. The signature Good Girl stiletto is composed of three parts: the slender shoe is decorated with Polka Dots; the heel’s top is styled in black, and the high heel, in gold. This design accentuates the duality of the Oriental Floral created by Louise Turner. The brightness of the Jasmine and the Tuberose (reinforced by Bergamot, Rose Damascene, Lemon and Lily) contrasts with the darkness of the gourmand accords of Haba Tonka and Cacao (stressed by Vanilla, Almond, Cinnamon and Cashmere).
The perfume is presented in a luxurious box: the black carton is adorned with Polka Dots and golden lines. This edition celebrates the passion and fidelity of Good Girl fans. The 80ml bottle has been exclusively designed in collaboration with Karlie Kloss and its box includes the model’s signature in gold.